what services does CPC deliver?

We offer China rapid prototyping services ( rp services or rapid prototype) such as 3d prototypes made by cnc milling, high quality rtv / room temperature vacuum casting or silicone molds making, moulding or molding parts,  rapid cnc milling in and SLS (selective laser sintering) and SLA services.

Our new services:

Our new service is that we design and manufacturer PCB prototypes.

We are manufacturing and producing prototypes for the medical industry, electronics, lighting, domestic appliances and automotive industry. We can make special medical prototypes with EMC coating. Regular painting, a paint finishing, anodizing, sandblasting and soft touch lacquering is also possible.

We also deliver cnc manufacturing, cnc milled or turned steel or aluminium prototypes. Materials that we often use are ABS, POM, PC, PMMA, Aluminum, Stainless Steel for low volume production we use another prototype technology called vacuum casting, injection mold. And Triple-c Ltd, offers Rapid Tooling for short manufacturing runs or low volume quantity production for your custom made plastic parts by aluminum or P20 inserts or moulds.

Rapid prototyping technology is a group of technologies like 3d printing sometimes called FDM , selective laser sintering, cnc precision machining used to make in a very short time ( several hours-days) a fabricated representation of your  3d CAD-model. This used to check the design of the 3d cad model or product. Additional services are china sourcing services, eg if you need cables, special packaging, stamped parts or wood.

prototyping in product design:

And as our firm has been set up by an industrial design company we deliver product development from scratch on, beginning from market research user and environmental research, until  manufacturing management and delivery to your address.

We believe that prototyping is essential in the product design process in all the design stages: in the first stage: The market research and user research we already make playful paper, clay or card board prototypes.

In the second stage, ideation, we believe foam or solid abs plastic prototypes can be verify the first forms and show the product radiation. Later on after the 3d cad stage or engineering phase we make plastic ( ABS prototypes, POM, PMMA, PC or polycarbonate) prototypes, finished or painted to verify assembly, tolerances, functions and or form radiation or market acceptance.

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a prototype is a real model model of a product used for testing before a manufacturing run is ordered